Why does a contacts 2nd email fail to show in a general search

I have a contact that has a main email that we have entered in the contacts (GENERAL) tab.
Over on the contacts (ADDITIONAL INFO) tab I have their Second email listed and Infusionsoft FAILS to find this contact by this Second Email???
How is that possible?
This is a bug for sure…
Hope you fix this… this should not be happening in my opinion…

*** And I just tried to add the Option TAG (Searching) in this POST and it fails to allow me to add (Searching)??? WHY??? ***Another bug…

Hi Tony, I just want to make sure I understand, are you using the quick search at the top right and searching by the Email Address 2?

The quick search only searches for the Contacts First, Last name, Main Email, and Main phone number. To search by the Email Address 2 you would want to use the CRM > Contacts > Phone/Email tab

Hi Amanda,
Thank you for trying to help :slight_smile:

It seems really crazy that I would have to go to all that trouble to check to see if I already have the contact in Infusionsoft… this would take me forever to cross check several hundred emails… insane…

@Tony_States, where your arrow is pointing is the main email address. You’ll see on the Phone/Email tab is where Email 2 and Email 3 are located. It’s by design so that the system knows exactly which email you are looking for. It’s also because when you send an email template in a broadcast or campaign you are able to select Email, Email 2 or Email 3. They are all unique fields.

OK thanks for the info Cheryl :slight_smile:
No worries, I will just have to work around it.
Have a great weekend!

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