Searching for contacts

Search is constantly letting me down. I’ve just tried searching for a contact with the name of Rob Harris. I get 10 responses to Rob but none to Harris. When I search by the Company he works for I find he’s a contact under his name Rob Harris but I still can’t search him individually as Rob Harris.
This is really frustrating and occurs infrequently. Any suggestions on what’s causing the issue.

If you are using quick search (the box in the top right), there is a ‘known issue’ that It sometimes doesn’t work.

Thanks Jeff,

That’s exactly what I’ve been doing. It’s really frustrating because you start to doubt whether you’ve added the contact in the first place.

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I’ve always found my contacts quickly in the search bar at the top right. I rarely enter the entire name. For a “Rob Harris”, I would just enter Ro Ha, then the quick search drops down all the suggestions. If he’s not there, I’ll add letters to the “Harris” portion until he shows up. If he still doesn’t show up, and Rob on the phone insists he has ordered before, I’ll just hit enter, then it will show me all the contacts that start with Ro and Ha. Sometimes I’ll find it then, but only because there would be too many such contacts to put them all in the dropdown. From there, I search emails Rob thinks he might have used, because we merge duplicate contacts based on email address. Either way, my point is that I trust the contacts search implicitly. If there’s no hits, there’s truly no hits.