Find a contact search box not working

I have been using the “find a contact” search bar to search for members of my organisation using their email addresses but this has suddenly stopped working today. Does anyone know why this is?


I have tested the search function in my own application and have not been able to duplicate this problem. If you have specific steps you take to reproduce this issue I’d really appreciate knowing exaclty what steps you take to encounter this problem. Otherwise if this problem persist I’d suggest trying to get in contact with our support team either over the phone or via chat to help try and resolve this problem. Here is a link to our current help portal - additionally here is our phone information.
USA/Canada Toll Free

  • 1 866 800 0004 Ext. 2
    Mon-Fri 6AM - 7PM Arizona


It seems to only be occurring for people who have become members of our organisation today. All historic members show up in the search engine. I seem to be unable to use your online chat service and when I tried to call to speak to someone the line was disconnected!



This is a known issue titled, " Quick Search Performance Issues" that was reported on Friday. This is generating a lot of call and chat traffic into Support so it may be difficult to get in right now (9:15AM AZ Time). I suggest going to the knownissues page and submitting a ticket so you get notified when it is fixed.