Can't edit/see campaign, or contact searches

Is anyone else having a problem seeing or editing a campaign? Getting a list of contacts based on search criteria?

I can’t do anything. I’ve tried logging out, and back in. New browser. Clearing cache. Rebooting machine. I’ve checked the status page. I can’t see the live chat option when the “?” link is pulled down either.

To the InfusionSoft team, please help!?

Hi, @Cenay, I would suggest calling Support asap before they close. Contact Support | Max Classic

Troubleshooting something like that can be quite complex and may require us to review console logs and get intimate with your network. What I can suggest is to try accessing Infusionsoft on a different network and see if you have the same problems. Currently, I don’t see any internal chatter regarding slowness or network issues, so it’s likely an isolated incident.