Keap/InfusionSoft Not Loading

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Hello, I’m having similar issues where Keap/InfusionSoft pages will not load - or will appear completely blank, except for the header. The blue circle on my browser or the green circle inside of the website swirls indefinitely. And the functionality is inconsistent. The dashboard will load, but the campaigns, or email broadcast pages won’t. Is there a solution for this?

Hi Melony,

My first thought is that do you have a lot of Contacts, Tags, Campaigns, Users or Integrations with your account?

Have you spoken to Support to see if they were able to see the issue you were experiencing?

I presume that on good days everything loads up okay, and the issues you are getting are sporadic?

If there is a lot of items in your account then a Housekeeping job will be needed to remove old items.

@Jeff_Arnold - Have you seen this issue before? I have seen freeze ups in particular areas when there is a lot of Tags are recorded.

I have not seen complete white screens of death, but I do have clients who have large database of clients and campaigns who have seen massive latency in their systems. Not tag-based, per se, but if they have campaigns with 200,000 contacts in them, it can take up to an hour+ for us to be able to publish campaign edits.


What browser are you using? This can cause issues - for example FireFox doesn’t work with campaign builder. (I know this isn’t your exact problem, just using it as an example)

Just to add to Andy’s suggestion here, try loading up Infusionsoft in a different Web Browser.
If that works okay, then check what Web Browser Extensions you have installed in your main browser to see if there is something that maybe interfering with things.

Also, do you have a good Internet Connection? Do other websites load up okay?

@Andy_Wroe - I just checked Firefox, and the Campaign Builder reports “Polymer not defined” errors in the Console Log. It sounds to be Keap need to update the Library Code, but I have a feeling it is an involved process.

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