Infusionsoft loading error

Every day for the past week, our entire team has had issues with Infusionsoft loading. The application appears to work normally and then all of a sudden, stopes working. The page freezes, or loads with a “oops, there appears to be an error” message. Eventually it appears to recover, sometimes after 5 minutes, some times after an hour. In all instances, there is no evident reason as to why the error occurred.
We each work in different locations, so this can’t be an internet issue.
The status page says everything is operational, but this isn’t true. This is causing significant delays and frustrations for our business. Especially as it appears to occur almost every day now.

In addition to this, after each freeze NUMEROUS notes, tasks and forms will be created. Throughout the slow period the page will also duplicate with the client’s details (address etc.) appearing 10 or so times down the page.

This is happening in our office also, their development team have logged a ticket and supposedly have been working on a fix. We have reached out a number of times but are not getting responses from Infusionsoft. Agree, this is causing significant delays our business is at a standstill. We need better communication and more action on this issue. Fingers cross it gets fixed soon!