Infusionsoft Loading problem

We are a gym group based in South Africa that use Infusionsoft as a Marketing and Sales tool. Three days ago our Infusionsoft just stopped loading the widgets on the dashboard. This causes our program to just hang and we cannot access anything on our Infusionsoft anymore. We contacted support at Infusionsoft to assist us. They advised us to delete some widgets from our dashboard and clear our cookies and cache on our browser. We asked Infusionsoft support to delete all the widgets on our dashboard to look if it makes any difference. We also tried a different browser e.g. Firefox instead of Chrome, but nothing made a difference. The Infusionsoft assistant at the support center said that there was nothing more they could do for us. We must have an internet connection problem. The fact of the matter is that we are not just experiencing this issue with one computer. It is different computers that all use different internet suppliers and lines. How is it possible that the whole South Africa has an internet connection problem all of a sudden. All our other applications are working fine. If this is supports’ solution for us they are saying that we cannot use Infusionsoft in South Africa anymore. This is totally unacceptable! We are proud users of Infusionsoft and have been using the program without any problems for a few years now. How is it possible that our program has just stopped working overnight and that Infusionsoft support cannot assist us on the matter, accept by telling us we have an internet connection problem that is not their business to resolve. Does any other users experience similar problems or can anybody give us some advise on what to try to resolve this problem. We are desperate!!!

Hi Bruce, I am so sorry hear that. I looked into your account and see that this issue has been escalated. An email was sent to you from Ryan, what can do to help him troubleshoot, is to run a Trace Route.

Once you have that information take a screenshot and send it back to Ryan.

How to run Trace Route 5 Ways to Traceroute - wikiHow

  1. Open a Command Prompt
  2. Type > tracert
  3. Enter

Here is an example what you would send back to him

Again, I am sorry to hear you are having these issues. We are committed in finding a solution for you and rest assure that this isn’t a situation that would cause South Africa to no longer use Infusionsoft.

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Thanks Amanda,

Appreciate the help.
Will do as you suggest. The only thing is that I haven’t received any email from Ryan as yet.

Bruce Slater

Hi Amanda,

I have not received any emails from Ryan. Not sure if he has sent it yet.

As I do not know his email address, I have attached the screen shot of the Trace Route herewith.

If at all possible, could you send it on to him.


Bruce Slater

Let’s have you check your Junk. The email would be From Email address is

Thank you! I will update that for you. I removed the screenshot so that your information isn’t public.

Hi Amanda

We would like to know why these two trace route analyses that was done on two different ISP’s both do not allow us to access our Infusionsoft. As we understand from support the site must respond within 40 ms. We know the one trace route analysis has a few time outs and 2 lines where it took longer than 40ms to respond, but the other trace route analysis only has a time out request in line 2 and line 1 took more than 40ms to respond. The rest of the trace route seems fine or is the first two lines the determining factor? Unfortunately this computer also cannot give us access to Infusionsoft. This now does not make any sense to us. We are not very experienced computer analysts and would just like somebody to explain to us what do you deduct from the differences in these two trace analyses.