Wifi issues & logging in to Infusionsoft

Has anyone had issues with login to infusionsoft due to wifi settings?

I’ve not heard of anything like that. What is making you believe it’s “…due to wifi settings”?

I have seen this before. The issue is the firewall settings inside of the router or somewhere else on the network that isn’t allowing access to Infusionsoft. This generally results in a timed out connection or a failed to connect error message as the firewall is stopping the connection from completing.

If you believe this is happening trying on a different network will allow you access with the same computer. This shows that it isn’t the firewall on the computer. Try connecting to the modem directly if the modem allows for this instead of connecting to the router (unless it is a combo router/modem). If the connection is successful then the we know the firewall isn’t on the modem and is definitely on the router. At this point now settings will need to be changed to allow access. As each router is different calling the company that made the router might be the quickest way to get this resolved.

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Hi John,
Awesome thank you very much. I will look into this.