Cannot log in reliably for the last 24hrs

Get no problems with any other internet services but have been regularly getting “504 - Gateway Timeout” or “you are unauthorised to view this area” when trying to login.

this is affecting multiple users.

problem seems to particularly bad for the last hour and was 24hrs ago. It’s 14:00 here in the UK.

Retrying repeatedly does eventually log in but then the dashboard may not load all the data until refreshed.

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Same here and it is impacting my customers ability to order.

Same here in the US. Getting 504 Gateway Timeout whenever I try to log in.

Hi, it looks like this is a Known Issue we are working on. You can find out more information at

So I’m not the only one!!! Constant 504 - Gateway Timeout errors this morning. Tried to contact InfusionSoft via Facebook and Twitter for any type of update - nothing

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They are not very responsive on social.

This is the error text when not timing out.

"You are not authorized to access this Infusionsoft account.

If you are a user of this account, please go to Account Central to connect this account to your Infusionsoft ID."

but that is a lot rarer than the 504 or the very slow loading.