Users in south africa

We are urgently looking for other Infusionsoft users in South Africa. Can somebody please assist us?


I sent this to a few users in SA. Is there any more context? Anything specific you’re looking for, or you just want to connect?

I’m in Cape Town. Anything I can help with?

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Hey Guys we are in South Africa what’s happening? Thanks Greg for the heads up. Hey@bryan what’s happening?

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Howzit Bryan,

Good to hear from a fellow South African Infusionsoft-er!

We’ve got 7 users, all in different areas using mostly different ISP, but on Tuesday all 7 started hanging. In other words, we can get onto the site but in the dashboards the widgets simply no longer load, and in the campaign builder, the campaign list page displays all our campaigns, but as soon as you click on a campaign the page loads but no, campaign diagram appears.

The Infusionsoft Techs reckon its our Service Providers, so we have made an inquiry with them.

Have you been having any such problems, It seemed to occurs after the cookies where cleared.



Hey Guys, sounds pretty strange we manage a load of users ( clients ) and no one has reported anything like that, Do you want to get on a call and walk me through it. If we dont find anything obvious we can escalate it via our partner manager etc.

Here are my details


Howzit Wesley - doing great man… need to get on a call with you soon.

Bruce - I haven’t had any issues like this… I had an issue yesterday where I couldn’t edit an email in a campaign, but was end of day anyway - so left it… and this morning it’s fine again (after a reboot too) - so don’t know what it was.

All good my end.

Hey Bryan, yes indeed we have started infusionsoft group coaching every thursday it maybe a good fit for you one way or another based on our previous conversation, give me a call!

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