Help! My campaign won't publish . . . (again)

The last time this happened there was a “merge field” that hung it up so I’ve removed all the merge fields from the email AND I’ve turned that email and sequence to “draft mode” and still the campaign just sits and spins “Analyzing Campaign” when I go to publish it.

It started when the “test” emails stopped sending.
They had worked in an earlier sequence in the same campaign just a few minutes earlier.
I’ve logged out, logged back it. No change.
I’ve made sure that KEAP wasn’t open in any other window.

Any ideas?

Dang. Sorry Jackie.

I actually just opened a ticket for the same issue (though it was happening all weekend). I’d contact Infusionsoft and let them know you’re having issues, and see if they can attach your case to mine. Here’s my ticket number: 2039363