Campaign Reporting

Campaign Reporting is not working. Doesn’t show emails being Sent, doesn’t show Open Rate, Clicks, not updating at all. When will this be fixed?

@Shaun_Lawrence, I don’t see an issue for this on the known issues page. Have you contacted Support about it?

yes, they are aware of the issue and not sure when resolved. I am surprised this isn’t a bigger issue. That’s the main reason I have Infusionsoft, to Email and review the stats and send follow-up emails accordingly.

The call campaign is not working either and that has been broken for 3 months now. Just like you, it’s the reason why I have Infusionsoft.

I’m not sure what’s going on, but many things are not working right now

Yea I am exploring other options besides Infusionsoft. Wasted so much time with this program. Few new ones out there that look pretty good.