Infusionsft email editor not loading

when trying to open an email from a campaign to edit, the browser will not load the editor

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This was a known issue that I had experienced yesterday afternoon, then tried again late evening and it did work. Apparently it’s been fixed and the dev team reports so.

At the time, the workaround suggestion was to try a different browser. If you still have the issue, report it to support, as they believe they have fixed it.

From the “Recent Fixes” page:

Unable to open/edit emails in campaigns, receiving “Aw, Snap! Something went wrong while displaying this webpage” error message

Issue Number: 2051345

Issue Status: Deployed

Date Reported:

May 27th 2020
The team was able to find a solution to reduce the memory usage to help resolve the issue with being unable to edit/open emails in the campaign builder for users on the updated version of Chrome. This change will be available to your application within the next hour. Thank you all again for your patience while the team worked to get this solution out as fast as possible.

May 26th 2020
Our team has been working on options for us to reduce the memory usage to help with the issue with being unable to edit/open emails in the campaign builder. We have identified a few options to improve the builder’s memory usage to avoid the tab from crashing. We are testing those adjustments now, and will update everyone once the testing is completed/successful with the possible next steps. Again, thank you for your patience while we work to find a solution around Chrome’s latest update.

May 23rd 2020
We apologize for the inconvenience this issue is causing and we realize the roadblocks some users are experiencing from this. Since the issue was introduced by a Chrome update, it is additionally difficult to identify changes we can make to help resolve this problem. This behavior has been reported on other sites and platforms as well. We assure you that if we’re able to make updates on our end, we will. This page will also be updated when more information is available.

May 22nd 2020 6:08 PM MST
Our developers are working to identify if there are changes we can make to prevent this issue. We believe this is occurring as the result of changes made regarding memory in the most recent Chrome version.

May 22nd 2020 4:55 PM MST
We are continuing to investigate this issue.

May 21st 2020 11:34 AM MST
Emails in the campaign builder can’t be opened and will instead display an error message.

We have had reports that since users have updated their version of Chrome they are no longer able to open/edit emails in their campaign builder.

  • Previous version: 81.0.4044.138
  • Current version: 83.0.4103.61

Alternative Solution:
Since this is a memory related issue, some steps you can take to work-around this are:

We have had some reports that Chrome Canary is another browser that has seen success:
Chrome Canary Features For Developers - Google Chrome

Product Line: Infusionsoft

This was thought to have been resolved but it’s kept croping up. Try using Vivalid browser as everyone I know that’s used it has had not problems.