Campaign Issues

Hi. We seem to be experiencing multiple issues with campaigns (I have tried different browsers to see if this eliminates the issues):

  • unable to upload & replace a Fulfillment document in a capign - the sytem seems to freeze
  • unable to rename a copied campaign - again the system seems to freeze
  • Contact merge filed not working, even thought he fields are populated in the both the contact record and the capign in edit mode - when live the fields arebet populated.

Can anyone advise as this is now impacting several campaigns

Hi @Adrian_Burton I would recommend calling into the support team to have them take a look at your campaigns. If they are unable to find the solution off hand, they will be able to gather examples from your campaigns to work with Advanced Support, on.

Our phone support opened up about an hour ago and can be reached at 1-866-800-0004 Ext 2. I am sorry for any inconveniences these issues are causing, with trying to work on your campaigns, but I want to be sure that our support team gets a look at it.