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We perform a search for a contact record and in the list of search results we have one user’s name appearing under another user’s company name with a third user’s contact details. When we click to open the contact, we see the first user’s name against the second user’s contact details with a different company name than was displayed in the search list. This is so obviously an issue with Infusionsoft.

I’ve contacted Infusionsoft multiple times and have been told that it’s going to cost $600 USD to restore an older version of the database. It’s ridiculous. It’s so overtly obvious that the software is not working correctly. The case has now been escalated and I’ve not heard back in about a week. Apparently a guy name Daniel Greenlee has the case in hand and has had for about a week and has done nothing with it. No one else will talk to me about it. Yesterday he was in a staff meeting when I called. Today he went home early.

The ticket number is 00749094 and I have no idea how or who to contact to get this resolved. We have screen shots of everything and have no way of knowing how far throughout our database of users this error penetrates.

Has anyone else had this sort of issue?

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So sorry for the frustration around this, I’m going to have Daniel’s manager take a look at this right away if they haven’t already, and see what we can figure out. I’m hoping we can come up with a solution that will work for you. I’ll also have him take a look at the price that was quoted, and evaluate that with you offline. If it is something that was caused by the software, there will never be a charge.

Thanks Toby

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