Complaining to Infusionsoft

We are experiencing major problems with Infusionsoft and their customer service right now. Previously we have benefitted from great customer service, however in the last week we have been let down in a big way. This is the copy of what I sent online chat today. I have been told two days running that it will get resolved. I am having no joy and now being ignored by our allocated customer success manager. We have sent a message on FB, my next move is to publish the chats on social media to share our experience with other small business owners. Any advice welcome.

Ok so there are a few parts to it. 1. My colleague and I were clearing the database in accordance with GDPR. I selected a search to omit anyone with a product purchase tag. However when I deleted there were a large number of people with product purchases tags that were deleted. We still had some but not all. Tom Payne admitted this was an Infusionsoft glitch as there were still some on my system but not all. 2. I requested a free data restore, as I did not have the authority at that time to authorise a payment. However the person on the online chat put through a paid request. 3. I then cancelled the paid request as I wanted to complain about having to pay for it when it was not our error. We needed a full restore including tags, notes, orders etc. 4. Tom Payne called me and admitted Infusionsoft was at fault here, he confirmed he would put the paid data restore through last Wednesday and credit our June payment so that we would only make one payment in June, therefore receiving a full data restore.

Yesterday we noticed that the contacts had been put back on the system, yet there was only basic information showing - no tags, tasks etc. I complained to someone on online chat who confirmed they would put a request in but it would take 24 - 48 hours. I advised that this was not good enough. There was a note showing the credit but not that Tom had requested a data restore. I then contacted Tom directly, as he hadn’t responded to a previous email confirming he was putting through the data restore and explained we were very unhappy about this and how it is costing the company money.

He responded with a very flippant email saying the request was put through, however he needed to put it through again yesterday and that I would hear from the data team.

I asked why it needed to be put through again and why the data team were contacting me as this should have been resolved.

Tom didn’t so my colleague also emailled him querying the same things. He ignored that attempt at communication also. We are still left without the correct data on each contact. We are still unable to process or check payments. We are still unable to deal with client enquiries and requests. We are still very unhappy with the service and this must be resolved today. I am extremely disappointed to have no response from Tom at all. The service we have experienced is apalling and in no way good enough for a service that costs us $379 per month.