Cancel account data?

My account cancelation was 2 days before my subscription was over.
I have my database exported, but not copies of the emails sent, or from the Campaign Builder.

I’ve been going back and forth with and all I can get access to is the blank log in screen.

Infusionsoft deletes your data, and I’m concerned that it will not be recoverable.

Hi @Jon_Simcoe

If I understand you correctly, was your account ‘deactivated’ and you are working with Beau to recover it to get access to some of your content you had not addressed yet? If this is the case, you will want to ensure that the account was in-fact temporarily reactivated. Then, there is a chance you will need Infusionsoft’s support or Beau to run a little process on their end called ‘relinking active users in Account Central’

The data remains for 90 days after a deactivation, but it is a true 90 days, ran by an automated process. If your account was just recently deactivated you should, in theory, be just fine. But ensuring that the account was reactivated and possibly having them run that quick relink process should be the answer.

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Beau keeps telling me it’s reactivated temporarily, but I get a blank screen and can not acce the system.