Cannot view my dashboard

Hi there! I do not have the option to view my dashboard when I log into InfusionSoft. I only have access to the marketplace and the community. Thank you!

I’ve only seen this happen when someone hasn’t confirmed their email address when they were invited to the app. I would be sure to check the junk folder for it as well.

I thought I had confirmed my email address earlier today. When I go back to the email to go through the process is says the link has expired or the account may already be confirmed. Is there a way to resend confirmation?

Hi @Lacey_Guillot if you are available to reach out to our phone support team before 7pm Paciffic (about 30 more minutes) you will want to have them resend your invitation, by tracking down your application from account information. The invites to the app are secure and expire after 30 minutes. If you click an expired link, it allows you to create your login, but does not link to the application.

If you can reach out to support in the next half an hour at 1-866-800-0004 Ext 2, we should be able to get you helped out.

When the invite is resent, and you click the link. You will be at the form to create your user / password again. You will not need to fill this out. Instead, just scroll to the bottom of the form and click the link indicating that you already have a Login.