Hi, I'm frustrated, nice to meet you

“You are not authorized to access this Infusionsoft account.
If you are a user of this account, please go to Account Central to connect this account to your Infusionsoft ID.”

I am the owner of this account and I get this screen? I go the Account Central as indicated and there is NO OPTIONS to connect accounts. Not off to a good start here, seems very disjointed.

Patrick, it sounds like the invitation may have been expired, as they are time sensitive for security reasons. Our support team should be able to quickly assist in resending the activation link. If you can call them at 1-866-800-0004 Ext 2, they should be able to quickly track down your account and assist with getting your log-in tied to your application.

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Hey Patrick, sorry you’re having some frustration with this. Are you a new Infusionsoft user? If so, then James’s suggestion is probably correct, you’ll just need to link your Infusionsoft ID to the Account in Question. And support can help you do that.

if you’re not a new user, and you’ve logged in before and you’re still seeing this message - then the fix may be something simple, like clearing your cache and cookies. I’ve seen that work before to resolve this temporary access problem.

Hi @Patrick_Crawford,

As a partner company, we have an ICC login, company login and a each have personal logins. When switching between these we get this same message. What I have to do in that moment and only once until I change from one type of login to another again, is to click the login in the upper far right and then it takes me to my accounts. I hope, though less convenient, it works the same for you as well.