How can I get access to my account?

Whenever I try to log into my Infusionsoft account. It tells me “You are not authorized to access this account. Please go to Account Central to link” . Once I press Account Central, it shows me a blank page. Please help if you can. I appreciate your time.

Thank you,

Is this an account you’ve had for a while or is it new? If it’s new, then you have to respond to the email that is sent before it will show up in account central.

This a brand new account. I’m looking through my email now and I don’t see an activation account email.

Not uncommon for it to go to junk?

I just checked there and my trash and I still couldn’t find it. Could I
switch my email to maybe another one? I’m asking because I purchased the
BCB system and I want to get my affiliate number from my account for
commission but I can’t get into it.

To switch your email you would need to call support in the morning. I don’t have access to infusionsoft’s servers.

Okay . I appreciate your help anyway. Thank you so much

it is showing ‘You are not authorized to view this account’. and there is no menu and anything after log in . In email too , there is nothing such to activate infusionsoft account.
The email sent by infusionsoft after creating account only have the following contents :
This is your Infusionsoft ID:…

Chandra have you figured out the issue? I’m having the same issue