Connecting Infusion Account

I have been getting emails from that notifies me about viewing a Contact Record, But whenever I click ‘Click here’ it tells me that I am not authorized to access this Infusion Account and that I have to go to Account Central to connect the account to my Infusion ID. But every time I click Account Central there are no information regarding how to connect. Help me please, I just want to view my Contact Record. Thank you.

Hi, @WILSON_RAMIL. Have you contacted Support about this? This sounds like something a Support Rep should investigate.

I don’t know how to contact them can you please help me? It’s telling me that I am not authorized to access the link that was sent to see Contact’s record. And every time I go to Account Central there’s nothing else I could link but the Marketplace and this Community.

Do you know how I can access my Contact Record on my pc?