I can only access to Account Central

Hi, I would like to know why I can access through Account Central even after I have already verified my account. May I know how to access the main dashboard? Please see image above. Thank you!

After verifying your account, you would still need to reply (click the link) to the email invite to the app. It won’t show in your account login until you do.

Hi John,

Thank you. I already did this. But still, I can’t access the full dashboard. Same white Account Central. Do you have any other suggestion to fix this? Thank you.

@Mel_Datu, did you sign up with a different email? My guess is that you have two Infusionsoft accounts. If that doesn’t fix your issue, I would call Support and have them take a look at your account to make sure everything is copacetic. Contact Support | Max Classic

Hi Martin, nope. I used the same email and this is my first infusionsoft account. If you could let me know what else should I do? Yes please have the Support look at my account as I have been trying to figure this out since last week. Thank you.

Hi, @Mel_Datu. Your email address is not tied to any Infusionsoft accounts. That is why I thought maybe you signed up under a different one.

Hi @martinc ,

Not sure what you mean by signed up under a different one. When I click on Edit Your Profile, my user ID account is : support@mediapiston.net
which is correct, and what I am trying to work on with InfusionSoft. If you could check please, and why this occurs? Thank you.