Infusionsoft Dashboard?

I am logged in Infusionsoft via but I cannot see any option to view the Dashboard. All I have access to is the Infusionsoft Community and Marketplace.

Hey Lyghtwork, How are signing in to your Infusionsoft account? I’m not sure what you mean by “cannot see any option to view the Dashboard”. I’m wondering what you are seeing and what you are expecting to see when you sign in. Sorry you are having trouble getting logged in…that’s definately something I want to rectify asap.

It almost sounds like you hadn’t finished the registration process for an app invite and you’re seeing the app selection screen which has what you’ve mentioned?


Thanks guys! Martin, all I see when I log in is the picture John posted. I figure if there’s an “app invite”, I never received it because that’s as far as I can go.

I need to track down your application ID. I am going to PM you, to get a little more information. I should be able to track down your information and get your access to the application started. Keep an eye out for a Direct Message from me in just a moment.