I can't see my dashboard

Hi all! I’m new to Infusionsoft but I can’t seem to access the dashboard that everyone starts from. Help! And yes, I have clicked on my link to verify my email address. I can see my app, and when I enter, I have a different??? view of a dashboard (see screenshots), but the one that all tutorials start with that has a black menu bar at the top is nowhere to be found. What am I doing wrong, here?

Your image is showing the new UI, but the dashboard that you are probably referring to is likely the older UI.

Ok, so it’s what I should be seeing?

If so, how do I navigate it? All the tutorials I’m finding use the old version.

Also, what is a UI?

Sorry to be so vapid but I’m 100% new to this.

Hi Amy!

Yes it looks like you are on the most recent version of the app! To answer your questions in sequence:

No nothing is wrong and this is indeed what you are supposed to be seeing! However, I can understand your frustration as many of the tutorials still need to be updated to provide support for the new look. This is a work in progress! However, many tutorials for the new UI can be found on this channel Link to dashboard tutorial.

And UI stands for “User Interface” - it’s a technical term that describes the graphics that you interact with to make Infusionsoft work for you. It’s just a new cleaner coat of paint that is better optimised to work with tablets and phones.

Hopefully this helps!