Anyone Else Getting A Pathetic Response from Support?

I’ve had multiple issues with Infusionsoft over the years. But recently we had a major issue in the classic campaign builder that was ignored for 3 support chats. Then escalated in another request, only to be ignored again.

More recently I spent over 3 hours on live chat, got changed support agent 2 times only to get it passed onto email support teams who picked it up and I finally recognized there was an issue. Only for the issue to be ignored again for the last week.

Here is the chain:

5th June:

Hi Jonno,

This is Victor from Infusionsoft Advanced Support. Hope you are having a good day.

We are checking on the issue and I am working on the issue with Jeremy. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. The issue did duplicate in my personal app as well.

I will get back to you on further progress of the issue in next 24 hours.


Chased up 3 times.

Then 13th June:

Hey Jonno,

This is Victor from Infusionsoft Advanced Support Team. Sorry for no response about this issue. Appreciate your patience.

We have identified this as a issue and have attached the case to the known issue number: 01188333. Our developers are working round the clock to fix this issue.

You will get a notification about the developments of the issue. We are sorry about all the inconveniences caused to you.

Chased up again. Nothing.

Anyone else get no where with IS support?

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That’s disappointing. I’m not sure I can help with the actual support side of things (maybe @Amanda_Souders can tho), but I’m pretty handy with the campaign builder - what is the issue you’re trying to solve?

This is an issue we are having with the email broadcast in the classic builder.

It’s just been a terrible waste of time, after having several emails go out to our entire list totally messed up.

I understand you have wasted time and are disappointed with how support has handled things - I can’t change that or control what has happened to date.

But, if you’d like, I would be happy to try and help address the issue that you’re having. What is the problem with the classic broadcasts?

Greg Jenkins
Monkeypod Marketing
Co-Founder and Marketing Expert

Jonno - I apologize for the run-around that you have gotten from support and will address this. First, we will contact you to see how we can resolve this issue you’re describing.

Greg Jenkins - thank you.

Appreciate the response. Will see what comes of this.

Hi Jonno, we’ve been trying to reach you live since you posted this last week. We can see where there’s a problem, and we’d love to help you… what is a good time for us to connect?

Hi Blake, I’m based in Australia and people keep emailing me at 3am my time trying to organise a call.

I’m available Mon-Fri 9am-5pm AEST, but lets line up a time and lock it in via email so I know to expect the call.

Thanks for providing your availability, we can certainly coordinate a call. Will you be available Tuesday 7/3 at 9am?

I’ll be here. Shoot me an email or calendar invite to confirm.

I had an eerily similar experience recently. I had to keep checking back; there was no proactive updating. I finally got connected with Jeremy and he is working it. Amanda, I appreciate your response, and hope that things can get ironed out. Support had been an issue for me several times.

Yes. I’ve had multiple chats over what should be a straightforward fix for them. Deleting contacts due to GDPR requests is a physical task with 7 steps involved in deleting each contact.

With over 35K contacts I get 50 - 70 delete requests per week. This takes me 1 hour a week since GDPR became mandatory. Infusionsoft is ignoring my request. I’ve already spend 6 hours deleting contacts since GDPR’s launch. Infusionsoft could have fixed the problem in less time, all it requires is a unique tag for GDPR requests so they can be found quickly and deleted. Add in the time all other customers have spent deleting GDPR requests and Infusionsoft could solve a big time consumer for their customers with a minimum amount of effort.

I’m not even mentioning that most of the GDPR delete requests have Canadian, Australian & other non EU email addresses.

Come Infusionsoft, fix this problem or get back to me with an update other than “we’ve passed this on”.

Finally I took a call. I listened, I took on board what was suggested as being the issue.

But we now have even more issues as it seems even the advanced support team have no idea how their classic builder works. I have just wasted a heap of time re-creating a template both the suggested way and the way I was doing it previously as a workaround and now it is completely broken and I can not send out my broadcast.

It seems we will never get to the bottom of this. The classic builder doesn’t do what it is supposed to do and the new builder is rubbish, it doesn’t do half the things it should and it is way to basic for anyone with any level of design aesthetic to use.

I’m sure this will drag on until I finally pack up and leave the platform. It seems no one at Infusionsoft really gives a sh*t anyway.

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I have not had a good experience overall with support so far, they take ages and rarely answer the questions properly.

@Forest_Parks I agree. Support on live chat just don’t know they platform well enough. Thats what you get for outsourcing your support and not providing enough training. Advanced support and slow and often just ignore outstanding issues as well. Even if they do get back to you, it’s never with an actual fix.

I’ve just signed up to Klaviyo. Took about 15mins to get everything connected. Integration looks straight forward enough and will be done tonight.

I setup the email I’ve been having issues with in a new builder I have never used before in about 30min. There were a couple of things I had to work out to make it work how I wanted, but its all there.

I’ve sent the broadcast to the whole list, it has already had a better open rate than my last 50 emails through IS. Its only been out 1hr.

There is already more data, better reporting, more insight into audiences as well as campaign analytics than I have ever been able to dig out of IS.

Looks like I’ve got some time to re-create automation campaigns now. Then I can be rid of Infusionsoft once and for all and all the adons and custom code we needed to implement over the years to actually make it work.

For as much as Infusionsoft swear black and blue that they have not made any changes to the email builder, I can confirm I have just seen a bunch of automated emails go out that have the styling totally messed up. These emails have been in place for more than a year and have not been edited.

So enough with the lies and blame on not using the builder correctly guys… This one’s on you.

Still no acceptable response or fix. Weeks later, this costs businesses $$$ and to let these things just drag on until the customer stops hounding you for a response is pathetic.

@Amanda_Souders might want to flag this with the team.

I too have experienced this - My frustration is when my issue isn’t appropriate for "chat’ and the only recommendation I get is to refer to the on-line documentation - With all due respect, I’ve done that already - Most of the time, I have my issue resolved pretty quick but here lately, the issues I’m having seem to be bouncing around yet I’m sure I’m not the only one with the same problem(s).

Sorry, didn’t mean for this to be an IS bash!

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@Cindy_Glover glad you have had some issues resolved. To be honest, I’ve never had an issue resolved in the 7 years I’ve been using Infusionsoft.

I’ve had to adapt to changes made without notification of any changes being put into the system, or have had to fix it myself.

I’ve been using Klaviyo for 4 days now and what can I say. It feels like I’ve been working in the dark ages for the last 7 years. Thing are easy and they just work. Yes its a much simpler system, but it has MANY features the IS does not. It integrates easier and the simplicity of it all makes it 100 times quicker to create campaigns. I’ve already moved over about 1/2 automated campaigns in one days work. Things that took me years to create and get working in IS…

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I’m going to take a look at Klaviyo - As I’ve learned InfusionSoft (on my own) - It is complicated and as mentioned, most of the time, IS cannot help me. One person may tell you one thing, the next doesn’t know anything about it, the 3-4th I finally get a resolution - Do they not communicate with each other? I’m talking BASIC questions about (for example) using/modifying custom fields. SIMPLE now that I understand it.

Just this morning, I asked about a plugin that was downloaded from the Marketplace - The response? Contact MS Office because it’s not their system. SMH