Has tech support changed?

After having stellar tech support via the chat function in the year I’ve been using Infusionsoft, it seems in the past two months the reps haven’t been able to help with any of our issues.Has the company done something different with its chat support representatives? Answers used to be quick and easy. We’re trying to transition from the classic email builder to the new and it’s not going smoothly. In the past two months, we’ve contacted support with glitch issues in the classic building and questions about the functionality of the new and literally not gotten anything answered and we’re told there’s no one to escalate to. What’s the best way to get help with troubleshooting issues? I appreciate any direction!

I’m a one man shop over here, just getting my bearings and sometimes have questions. Lately I’ve had similar issues as you’ve described. Today was probably the worst so far. My question was ignored and the rep just wanted to look at my campaign when my question had nothing to do with a particular campaign but a basic concept question about goals and how they stop sequences. I’ve never had so much trouble getting a question answered. It seems like there has been some changes. This community sure seems nifty, I hope it helps.

Hey @Jamie_ibk (and @Keith_Shapiro) - Infusionsoft’s support (and chat support specifically) varies from interaction to interaction, that’s for sure.

For example, depending on what time of day you contact support, and the volume they’re currently receiving, you might end up paired up with a rep in their office in Arizona, or you might get a rep from an org in Texas who does overflow for them, or you my be assigned to a rep from their offshore team in India who help out during off-peak (i.e. non-US work hours).

I know how frustrating this is, and sometimes you still need to use support (because they have resources that the rest of us don’t have); but if I can ever be a resource to either of you, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me - or tag me in posts here.

I don’t have all the answers, but I’ve been using Infusionsoft for a while, and I’ve built a business on helping others get more out of it. I don’t mind troubleshooting with you, or just looking at a screenshot to say “yes, looks normal” or “Nope, that might be a bug”.

This community is relatively new (or, new again), but I expect it’ll only get more active. You can also join the Unofficial Infusionsoft Open User Group, which is another useful group where people post questions, and solutions (though, fair warning, there’s a fair amount of people pitching their services there).

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@Keith_Shapiro and @Jamie_ibk.

Sorry that you both had a less-than-stellar experience with chat support. I’ve pinged leaders of these channels and let them know. Our chat team handles a large percentage of all inbound help requests and their Time to Answer and Success Rate is pretty remarkable. I think it would be a disservice not to recommend our chat service as a successful channel to get a quick question aswered or to report a problem in your account.

And thank you @Greg_Jenkins and the many other Partners and Power Users for offering your help here. The community has been a great help to many customers who need informed answers, fast.

One of the great things about a community is that you get to crowdsource several subject-matter experts in order to get the most informed answer…something you can’t do in any other service channel. And having our Support team monitoring answers and pruning content, ensures that we have the most accurate information available to you at all times.

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This is Sean Warner from Advanced Support. I’m actually out of the office for the week but checking my emails and the Community. I saw this post thanks to @martinc and wanted to see if you have received an answer to your questions. If not, I want to make sure we get someone that can help you quickly.

@martinc I don’t have great internet service, can you have Russ look at these, and follow up with the customers to see if they received their answers/solutions, if not have him help them get the info or help they need?

Thanks so much, and please keep reaching out to the Community, as Greg and Marty both mentioned, there are often answers from the general Infusionsoft community that can help you as well as Tech Support



Hi, @Keith_Shapiro and @Jamie_ibk.
On behalf of Support, I apologize that our team wasn’t able to effectively resolve your concern/question. I am one of the leaders in Support and would like to dig in to the experiences you have had recently.

Could you take a moment to send me the recent case# so I can make sure I am looking at the correct interaction?

We will 1) review the chat transcripts and provide our team members specific coaching, and 2) follow up to make sure we fully resolve the reason for your chat.

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Hey @Jamie_ibk and @Keith_Shapiro. I am going to be sending you both a direct message. I want to be sure we get you guys taken care of.

Awesome! Way to answer the call guys (and gal).

I want to be clear that I wasn’t advocating to avoid using support! Just shedding light on some of the other crowd-source style options. :slight_smile:

Just so you know, I’m not the sit around and whine about it type at all. Nor do I find any pleasure in a place to complain. Seeing this post and the experience I had had just moments earlier made me comment and that was a good idea because I’ve learned some things about the community as well as chat support. They’ve been helpful in the past and only on one other occasion was it completely frustrating but that being said, THIS type of response is what I was hoping for and since I’m of the type that doesn’t have a team of people I can assign to use and implement campaigns and such, time is very important as I’m sure it is for all of us. Thank you Martin, you ARE the Cash!


Sean, @martinc and yourself have restored my faith in the idea that there’s help and that chat support isn’t just left to their own devices. It’s not possible to assume the chat support person is going to understand our particular “right now” concerns, problems and proposed solutions on how our businesses work etc., etc. Thank you so much for these points of interest regarding the chat support team(s) and the purpose of the community. I’m a happy camper!


FYI: the team in TX no longer does overflow for IS. @martinc can confirm this.

Thank you for sharing Keith! I’m glad we were able to turn things around for you. :smiley:

Gotcha! Sorry Cami - news to me!

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Can confirm

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No worries, @Greg_Jenkins. It was my team and I was really proud of the work we did over our nearly 10-year run. We still do quite a bit of work for Infusionsoft in other capacities, but tech support isn’t among them.


@Shelley_Correa, you can help now maybe, I’ve got someone on from the pacific rim who clearly isn’t reading what I’m typing. I’ve been getting the same WRONG email from one of my campaigns for hours now and while it works when I send a test within the email builder, when I put a record through the campaign, it doesn’t send the email that’s IN the campaign but an old one. @sean.warner, if you want to jump on this one and check the chat (I’m currently in) it’s like, no matter what is said, they’re just not listening. I swear, almost every support chat I do that has any level of complexity (and I’m not Infusionsoft complex at all!) they just seem to be figuring it all out as they go along.

Hey, @Keith_Shapiro

Shelley, Sean and James are likely going to be unavailable today, but I’m having someone reach out to you for your immediate support need.

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Excellent because I haven’t heard anything since chatting with support over an hour ago