Chat help not very 24/7 for me

Hello! I’m new to Infusion so I wanted to ask chat support for some help, but it seems to be disabled.


It has been like that forever now. I’ve never seen it online.

I can’t find an email support either, so… How can I get in touch?

Hey, @Daniel_Monge It’s currently available. There’s something wrong if it is showing unavailable right now. Maybe try clearing your cache and cookies or a different browser. You can give support a call. Here are the contact details.

I literally just got that screenshot made. And it’s unavailable to me as I type this… I don’t know if that’s because I’m from Brazil or something like that… I use Chrome 69.0.3497.100 (the latest version for windows 10) as my browser.

Just an update to this. I’ve installed firefox on my computer and it shows the chat as online.

That’s weird. I use the same setup as you do - Win 10 and same Chrome version and it shows as online for me.