Is "Chat Now" still available?

Hi, This is Marina, singed up with Infusionsoft last Dec. Very impressed with the “Chat Support” for 24/7. However, recently I found I cannot move my mouse over “Chat Now”. As soon as I hover my mouse over “Chat Now”, the drop down menu disappeared.

Is the “Chat Now” still available? Thanks.


Yep, still there and 24/7, just checked on mine and it seems to be working currently.

Thank you so much. Mine still not working. Hope it will be working soon.

@Marina_Kuo, it sounds more like something with your browser not liking that button. Can you try logging in with a different web browser?

Thank you so much, Martin, It is working. I have changed from Microsoft Edge to Google Chrome. Thank you, Thank you, :grinning::grinning::grinning:

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That’s a bug on our end. I reported it. Thanks!