Chat support not working!

Hey all! Is anybody else having issue issues accessing chat support in InfusionSoft? I keep getting redirected every time I click “begin chat”. This has been happening for about a week…

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Sounds like it could be a DNS issue or browser caching. I would try clearing cache/cookies in your browswer. If that doesn’t work, try flushing your DNS How To Clear Your DNS Cache - cPanel Knowledge Base - cPanel Documentation

Also, it’s no secret that the chat window is buggy :frowning_face: I talked to Support about it and they are trying to make it a better experience, but they are having trouble trying to nail down what is causing all the problems with it.

Dope insight! Thanks so much!

This is happening to me. It happens on Chrome and Firefox, even when I’ve cleared cache and cookies. On Firefox, in particular, it was a new install.

Hello! I need some immediate help but my chat support is not working. I have a campaign in progress with some glitches that need to be fixed. When I pull up the support chat box, the blue “begin chat” button momentarily flashes and then disappears in a split second.

I have cleared my cache/cookies and flushed my DNS as well as restarted my computer.

Any ideas?