Chat Not Available

On the support website is says that Chat support is available 24/7. When I look for Chat under Help, it’s not there. How do I access chat and, alternatively, how do I open a support ticket?

Occasionally they chat service will be offline, but when it’s available you can access it through this dropdown inside your app:

The graphic you have provided is not what I seen in my Chrome browser. The “Chat Now” button, at the bottom of this list is not there. I have 3 computers. It’s not there on any of them.

Sorry to hear that - @martinc - any recommendations for Randall?

Hi, @Randall_A_Luebke. I spoke to Support and they said there are two reasons that may cause this:

  • When there was an ad-blocker or some other browser plug-in that was conflicting with it
  • Or a firewall setting that was blocking the chat button JavaScript from loading on the page.

I would try a different browser or disable your current browser plugins…if that didn’t work, try it on a computer outside of your current network to verify it’s not a firewall. If you find that it’s a browser plugin conflict, let us know what plugin was causing it.

It was my adblocker. That fixed my “chat” issue. That’s the good news. It also means that Infusionsoft is gathering information from me. Oh well. That said, thank you so much for your help.