Is chat down for anyone else?

There’s no button under the help menu for me right now.

I’m trying to talk to someone because all of a sudden I am missing most of my landing page templates. Anyone know what gives?

Sorry you are experiencing that, Linda. I asked a support manager to explain what a “chat unavailable” experience looks like, so I’ll let you know when they respond. As far as I know, chat rarely or never goes unavailable (I could be wrong). If the chat button isn’t appearing in your browser, it’s a software glitch…probably clearing your browser cache & cookies would clear it up. But the chat button should always be there.

Also, I just checked in my app and there was no chat queue right now, I got right in.

There is a known issue right now about only the first 5 landing page templates loading in chrome. Apparently pressing “F5” fixes it.

It looks like a white space where there is normally an icon and a button to access chat under the “?” menu. I’ve been using IS since 2012, so I am overly experienced with the need to clear the cache, change browsers, and hop around on one foot counterclockwise.

For whatever reason, it is showing today.

The support guys for the LP actually responded last night with a video showing that resizing the browser gets the old LPs to show up. Also worked (I’ll try F5 if need be), although I would definitely put that in the hopping around on one foot counterclockwise school of fixing bugs. :wink:

F5 does not work, resizing the browser window still does (to repopulate my LP templates. Slowly).

yep same here … and of course the phone lines are down too. I tried yesterday and the chat did not work either.
was wondering if I just wasn’t getting it!

Thanks, Heather, glad it wasn’t just me (well at least as far as my own sanity is concerned; guess it’s not so great from the perspective that we can’t get support sometimes!).

I did notice that phone support was supposed to be down for some time today, so maybe that’s what you ran into… Anyway - good luck! :slight_smile: