Where has support gone? Has everyone left?

For the last day, I have been trying to contact Infusionsoft.

The URL help.infusionsoft.com is down.
infusionsoft.com is down.
The ‘Begin Chat’ button doesn’t work.
The phone answering service doesn’t work.

Is this a real business? Are others having these issues?

The honest answer: Most likely many are staffing partnercon. They’re probably down to a minimal crew for the next few days.

@Laurie_Kane, sorry you having difficulties contacting us. I haven’t heard reports of any of our sites going down. help.infusionsoft.com went down for about 20 minutes last Tuesday as we were updating DNS records. Let me know if you need me to get someone to reach out to you.

I just learned that our main site is having DNS issues and we working with Cloudflare on a resolution. So for some, the site will show as “can’t be reached”. I think this will only apply to someone trying the infusionsoft.com URL which isn’t properly redirecting to www.keap.com for some people. So, if you just go to www.keap.com, you should be good.

USA/Canada Toll Free

  • 1 866 800 0004 Ext. 2
    Mon-Fri 6AM - 7PM Arizona

UK Freephone

  • 44 (0)808 258 0093
    Mon-Fri 6AM - 7PM Arizona
    Mon-Sat 2PM - 3AM London

AUS Free Call

  • 61 1800 730 419
    Mon-Fri 6AM - 7PM Arizona
    Tue-Sat 11PM - 12PM Sydney

Sure, but then you try going from keap.com to the Support link help.infusionsoft.com and it can’t be reached. Yes, I’ve tried different networks, different browsers.

The problem isn’t only DNS. Chat doesn’t work. You phone recording system failed

@Laurie_Kane, I’m so sorry for the issues that you are experiencing. Someone on the Support team is about to reach out to you.