What did they do to quick search

It looks as though there was an update but it made the Quick Search useless. You can no longer search the first few letters of the first and last name to find people. You also get lots of extra people that do not fit the search when you search the entire name.

Is there a way to switch it back?

Supposedly it is an error they are working to fix …

Dev recently upgraded the Elasticsearch engine, jumping ahead several versions and have had difficulties keeping it stable. It’s the highest priority thing they are working on. I’m sure they will get it resolved soon. Sorry for the inconvenience

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Thank you this makes me very happy.

With the search bar being an issue, could this also mean there are instances where IFS has trouble finding records within itself. Still researching, but I have several instances where a tag goal is applied, but the contact not pulled from preceding campaign. (obviously, this may be an entirely separate situation)