Contacts not showing up in search

Hi all! When i search for long time clients- regular or advanced search - often nothing comes up.

Then I add them - scroll down their profile - and they ARE ALREADY in there - BUT they have not opened in months/never opened.

Does marking them again with a Customer type re-activate them? AND - WHY are they not showing up the first time?

How are you searching for them? Quick search or the contact list with the search criteria?

Hi John,

Quick search AND advanced search with the “Email ends in …”

Then, as I said, once I “add them”, I can see their history when I scroll down the page.

Is this normal?


I think this might happen when you have deleted a contact at some point, then add them again later. I have noticed this before when cleaning up a supposedly “New” contact, only to see a bunch of data we had from years ago attached to the record.

My theory is that when you delete a contact in infusionsoft, it does not actually delete the data, just marks that as “not accessible” to your infusionsoft account or something. If the same email address is added later, it marks the old record as “accessible” again, or something to the effect. At least that is my theory.

Hi again John!

Here is an example:

I searched in the basic SEARCH function and did not find her, even though I know her account was “transferred” to the system when we moved from Salesforce. Did not find her. Then I added her today. You will see her “Added” today - then scroll down - and we have sent her many emails.

Can you help??? This is happening all the time.