Query for Deleted Contacts?

Is there a way to search for deleted contact ?

My App uses the API pretty extensively. There are a number of flows that create new contacts in InfusionSoft (Form Submissions, Purchases, Imports, etc).

The majority also come with a push to my App, so my app consumes the name, email address, InfusionSoft Contact Id.

We also store some custom fields in InfusionSoft, that is maintained in my app, but we push a copy of that data for referential purposes, back to InfusionSoft.

My immediate issue: I have a contact, whose contact id in my system, no longer exists in InfusionSoft. How can I piece together the history of that contact ? Query to see if it was merged ? or deleted ?

Through conversation with Support, I have learned the contact in this situation was deleted in InfusionSoft app. So there is a way for Support (with Back-End tools) to be able to query for a Deleted Contact.

It would be nice to be able to programmatically inquiry the status of a contact identifier. (merged with a link to the surviving contact, deleted, etc). I understand storing all data historically is probably a non starter, but a simple Identifier table with what happened to a given contact Id, shouldn’t be a meaningful amount of additional data to manage relative to the other storage demands placed on InfusionSoft.

Any thoughts or suggestions ?


No, we don’t “soft-delete” Contact data. Support is able to roll back database changes directly, but those are significant data-recovery issues, not simple lookups.

I would also add that support might have looked at logs or some other history records to determine that. Like @TomScott said we do not soft delete contact data.