How do I undo a deleted contact?

I just deleted a contact that I didn’t want to, how can I undo this?


As it is only one contact, I doubt that you would want to pay Infusionsoft to do a restoration. Unfortunately, that is the only way to recover a contact that has been deleted.

Wow Thanks, seems like I have to be extremely careful. Not Impressed as this is a place that your meant to keep your data safely.

If you have an idea on how Infusionsoft can protect users from their actions in a way that would allow for something like this then that might be something you make as a feature request at

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The best way to keep your data safe and enable easy restores like this is to subscribe to NovakSolutions CloudBackup.

Infusionsoft keeps backups, but they don’t give you a way to view data histories, and doing a restore is expensive.


I agree with @Jordan_Novak. Certainly you could set something up for backing up data but they already have a solution in place.

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I have the Data on Excel spreadsheets so that is ok, It is not lost. But I now have to go through the process of re-uploading it and re-tagging which I could do without.

Thanks for your replies