Customerhub Infusionsoft BUG?

We use both Infusionsoft and CustomerHub. We noticed after the last update that when we search for a member in CustomerHub and then click on the Members’ “infusionsoft id” and go to their Infusionsft contact record, and then try and send that contact an email, the email template function does not work. we click on the “Template” button and nothing happens. However, the “Template” button does work when not accessing the contact through CustomerHub. We have noticed this on all browsers. Can you have your programers check on this issue? Thank you!

Hi @Bennett_McDowell. Well this is an interesting one! Thankyou for sharing this. I was able to easily recreate this on my end, with your description of the issue. I am going to gather some video and write up some info for our Advanced Support team to dig into. Thanks again for bringing this odd bug to our attention.

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Thank you! It is and an odd one :slight_smile: