Email to the contacts

Good morning all,
I am new to Infusion soft. I like the Infusionsoft’s email feature that can track what emails are opened and which ones are not.
I am trying to use Infusion soft to communicate with contacts and hopefully replace outlook for sending and receiving emails so that all the history of communications is in one place.

When I tried to send an HTML email to a contact, it opens with a template and it doesn’t allow me to edit the template except the text; very restrictive. I wonder if there is any way to create HTML email without using template similar to outlook.

Or somehow automatically record the emails sent to the contact in the contact record in Infusionsoft (similar to Sales Force).

I appreciate any thoughts and guidance.

HI Bijan, welcome to Infusionsoft! You’re going to love it, it’s such a powerful tool.

You can use Infusionsoft to send all sorts of communication and follow-up, but I wouldn’t use it to replace something like Outlook. You could, however, use it to supplement what you are doing in Outlook.

If you want your email history to be mapped back to Infusionsoft, you might check out the Outlook Sync tool in the Infusionsoft marketplace.

And if you want a more detailed look at how to build and send emails in Infusionsoft, check out this blog post of mine. The article is a little dated now, they’ve made a handful of improvements since I wrote it.

Also, as a bonus idea, I have a course that covers the fundamentals of Infusionsoft, and you’re welcome to grab the free trial to check it out (the free trial includes a tutorial on sending broadcast emails from Infusionsoft). Check it out here: