Doing Email Blasts

I’m fairly new to Infusion Soft. I work for a college and we use Infusion Soft to manage the high school teachers we visit and present our school to their students. We are getting ready to do an email blast to these teachers for our summer Camp.

I need to know how to do this as it is my first time.

The email has already been prepared, I need to know how to import it into Infusion Soft. It has graphics and links to our website for registering.

I also need to pull a report based on teachers we have visited in the past three years to use as email recipients.

Any help ASAP would be greatly appreciated.


Jeff Stoltenberg
Sullivan University

Hi @Jeff_Stoltenberg, are you a software developer writing your own custom software that uses the Infusionsoft API? If not, I’d recommend having a look at our Send or Schedule An Email Broadcast User Guide. (We also have a general Q&A forum you may find useful).

Ok, sorry I posted in the wrong forum I guess.

No worries. It looks like someone may have moved your post to the general forum, so that should save you the hassle of reposting.

While we’re waiting for more general help, you may be able to get started quickly on your email by reviewing the User Guide. :+1:

That was me. I’m quick on the draw for a Monday morning :smiley:

No worries! Only takes me a second to move it.

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