Using InfusionSoft as online database

Hi Everyone -

My university department is fairly new to InfusionSoft, and have been using it for email marketing. We are adding online registration, and also want to try managing some of our member and mailing lists through it. Has anyone else used InfusionSoft for reporting, to manage customers/members? If so, what features are you using? How have you custom built out the sections?

Stacey Stearns
University of Connecticut

Hi Stacey,

I’m an Infusionsoft Certified Consultant and have a current University customer.

We’ve added students/alumni to the database and used tags to get very granular with which programs they are in or were in, when they graduated or will graduate, employer information if they are working in their field, etc.

Tags are your friend, for sure. We plan to use web form to allow students to update their info in order to keep it current and even ask questions that would help us tag them further with interests, etc.

If I can answer any questions or provide feedback, please let me know.

Hi Jason -

Thanks for following up, I really appreciate it! When you use the webform for students to add their own information are you having them create usernames and passwords or is there another way you link them to their data? We have about 3,000 that we need to move into this system from an old one.

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HI Stacey,

Initially we had them just go to a web form and add their info, then we respond with an email from IS and link to another form or questionnaire so it associates with their record (hidden email field embedded) to continue to get info and segment them without having to do all the manual data entry.

Having 3000 to do, I would probably import the data initially, then email them and have them do updates on their data to insure it’s accuracy.

Hope this helps.

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