Using Outlook Sidebar on Laptop and unable to copy Info to Contact Record

I work from home and need to be able to copy any communication I send to/from our Contact Record.

I realize I can send directly from IS - But the formatting “issue” is frustrating.

Anyone know how I can do this? A work-around? SOMETHING?


What email system to you ‘live’ in?

If gmail or Microsoft email product, you can sync your email inside Infusionsoft by Keap.

I use Apple Mail and use TeaLeaves by Smallcubes ($10/mo). It’s a great plugin and lets you keep your external communication synced with Infusionsoft by Keap.


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Good morning @Jeff_Arnold!

Yes, we use Outlook Exchange.

When I stop by the office, I have to jump on a desktop computer and then sit there and upload previous emails sent…

I do know we are able to sync our email with IS but when I tested that with our Info Account, the system still gives me the “old” campaign builder formatting choices which cracks up for formatting if you hit the wrong key…or sneeze or something.

Also, when our system was initially setup - The permissions were not explained to us (this was obviously a while back) so if I were to setup the CEOs email account - Anyone who has access to IS - They would also have access to his email account.

I realize that part of the system needs to be tightened up but right now, there are only 3 users actively using it IS. We are a service provider so there are no restrictions of information for these 3.

I wonder if I should recommend creating a new email addresses (Gmail maybe?) for the 3 of us and then communicate that way - But I don’t like the idea of an email not coming from our Domain…What are your thoughts?

I realize it’s not my biggest IS issue at this point, yet still frustrating.

Any suggestions?


Not quite sure what you mean about "the system still gives me the “old” campaign builder formatting choices”

If you ’sync’ your email, you ‘live’ in your email account and it just attaches any emails sent through Outlook with a contact in Infusionsoft by Keap if they are in your account. You don’t use any email generation features inside Infusionsoft by Keap, except automation emails.

Are you syncing using this feature?

Also, not sure what you mean about others being able to get into the CEO’s account. I just went to a client’s account who has this configured and the only options I had were to ‘remove app’ or ‘resend’ emails — nothing that gave me permission into their account.

Can you please clarify?

Also, if you set your user permissions so that people can’t see other User accounts, they wouldn’t be able to get to this area.


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