Email Sync Options for Apple Computers

Hello community. I’m hoping someone can help us here. We operate our whole office using Apple computers (iMacs and Macbook Pros) and up to this point we have struggled along using a ‘Tealeaves’ app to sync our emails to Apple Mail.
However, it is time to change.
Can anyone please tell us what our options are to ensure that our emails sync properly with Infusionsoft.
Our emails are hosted using GSuite (gmail) and we also have the ability to use Outlook or some other mail program. We just want to get organised and ensure that we don’t have these ongoing issues with syncing.
I know that it isn’t a problem for those who use PC… but in the past, we haven’t been aware of any other options other than Apple Mail and ‘Tealeaves’ when using Macs. But perhaps we’re wrong. Please tell us we are!
Any options you can give us would be most appreciated.
Melissa :slight_smile:

I use a Mac, Tealeaves (sad that it’s going away), and work in a GSuite environment.

You can sync your G Suite based emails directly with Infusionsoft. Go into the user account, click on the user name, down under ‘mail accounts’ you can sync your Gmail accounts.

Here is the Help page on how to do it:


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Thank you Jeff. Yes, that’s why we are looking for options now, too. I appreciate you taking the time to let me know and share that link. :pray:

Our CEO connects the exchange server to his apple mail…that way he can setup all the email in the inbox or separately in their own ‘folder’ and see it all in apple mail at once.

Hi John. Is that Microsoft Exchange Server you are talking about? And does this mean that he doesn’t actually sync the mail to Infusionsoft, rather, keeps all his mail in the server? Sorry if I’ve misunderstood you.
I really wanted email correspondence with existing contacts in Infusionsoft to be automatically added to their record.
I’m happy to move away from Apple Mail - I just want an efficient solution to ensure that all of our records and correspondence is together in Infusionsoft.

It sounded like you just wanted an all in one place answer. If you’re asking about that being in Infusionsoft, IS isn’t an email provider and especially not an inbox provider. You can ‘sync’ contacts and register emails that have been sent from IS/Keap but not incoming replies resulting from them. So that would be where the ‘all in one place’ thought came from. I had worked out a way using office 365 to have even the incoming emails show up in IS but that’s a substantial coding project which I just did a proof of concept on.

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