Email sync issues

Infusionsoft sync with gmail has stopped working for me. I have tried the infusionsoft and and the older extension infusionsoft for gmail. Anyone else having this problem?

I don’t use it (I have two personal apps & would get confused, I’m sure), but have heard that uninstalling, then reinstalling helps quite a bit. If that doesn’t do it, give us a bit of info on exactly what has stopped working - is the sidebar not appearing? Are your contacts or emails not being added?

@John_Ryan , I am going to send you a DM to get some contact information. I am working to have one of our senior support reps reach out to you to look into this.

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working for Chrome on Mac no problems, i open the url in a separate tab and login there when i boot up. Then open my gmail.

Ours stopped working this is the reply I got from infusionsoft.

“No problem Michael I totally understand. I’ve been getting reports that Gmail sync is no longer functioning properly as it is an older extension and isn’t reacting well with the newer browser builds. We’re thinking this is likely what is going on in your situation. Unfortunately if this is the case there isn’t much that can be done. Sync isn’t likely to get an update as our resources are focused on its replacement the Infusionsoft Sidebar.”

Hi @Michael_Jozwiak. I found that the rep is still looking into this situation. He is working with our advanced support team, and I have asked him to update you, as we are still trying to pinpoint an issue, as we currently do not have a current widespread syncing issue.

James, you may think it is not widespread but my coworker who is using
Sidebar for Email as I am has the exact same problem. ZERO emails are being
passed from Gmail to Infusionsoft. So basically every email I sent directly
from Gmail is NEVER recorded in Infusionsoft and it used to work
previously. The other google extension also stopped working as well, so it
is not a backup either. Overall it really is very bad that such a major
issue has continued and when I called support they advised me that the sync
of chrome Gmail emails are not supported. When I advised them it was
working until mid-July they were surprised.


John A. Ryan
ORM Technologies
Founder & CEO

Hi @John_Ryan. The Infusionsoft Sidebar for Email does not currently sync emails yet. This is functionality that our development team is working on adding to the new IS Sidebar for Email. Currently the Infusionsoft Sidebar for email will allow for tracking and notifications within Gmail, but syncing has not been implemented quite yet

As we continue development, the Infusionsoft Sidebar for Email is planned to be a full fledged replacement for Gmail Sync for Infusionsoft.

Do you have a date for the sync given it no longer works with the
infusionsoft for Gmail extension that used to work? I only care about two
things with infusionsoft, Gmail sync and the ability to tag visitors to our
website to their infusionsoft accounts. Neither of these work and there is
no end in sight.


John A. Ryan
ORM Technologies
Founder & CEO

I don’t have a date as of yet, as the functionality is being developed. I will see what information I might be able to dig up over the next couple days though.

I am linking this discussion on the Facebook ICP Group with this ticket:

Does anyone else desperately wish Infusionsoft would make the Gmail sidebar usable?


Yes, synchronization is essential!
We hope to have a quick solution …
We are very embarrassed at the moment.

If you guys are embarrassed, then you are able to handle it very well as
this has gone on forever. The other critical issue is the inability to link
infusionsoft contact that visit your website. That has been a “known issue”
to infusionsoft forever. By the way, “known issue” means you do not
recognize it as a complaint and therefore never commit to a fix date or
really acknowledge the issue. How you guys can live with these two issues
for so long is beyond my comprehension.


John A. Ryan
ORM Technologies
Founder & CEO

Any update on this? Was never contacted and still not working.

@Michael_Jozwiak. I want to apologize for the lack of follow-up on this. I can see that your case is still with our team, and I just connected with a manager on the support floor, to ensure that we get some follow-up, today, on your issue, and where we are at.

I have never received any update on the reason Infusionsoft Sync for Gmail
no longer works and I personally have no confidence that Infusionsoft as a
company will reliably solve any software issue. Of course, the Infusionsoft
Sidebar for Email (Infusionsofts own product) doesn’t even offer the
ability to sync email with their own infusionsoft product. Not sure of the
marketing genius who thought that was a good idea, but it is what I have
come to expect with this product. Infusionsoft for some reason continues
not to fix the most irritating issues with their product. They also never
communicate a date or target when they might fix the issue or even worse
call it a “known issue” which means customers mention it but they do not
acknowledge the issue. This issue and a few others totally overshadow all
the good stuff infusionsoft actually does, which really is unfortunate.


John A. Ryan
ORM Technologies
Founder & CEO

Still no solution?
No date known for repair?
We would really like to see syncrhonization of our emails.
This is a very important element for us.
Please, do not overlook this feature which is primary.

Just chiming in here. Our IS synch stopped working on July 19th. We had 6 impacted users.

One of my team members called to complain and was essentially told since they didn’t see the issue, there was nothing to be done. This had happened before so we gave it a while. After two weeks i decided to really give it some earnest attention. It took several call over 2 days with about 3 hours on the phone total (most of it hold time or me checking email on another device while they took over my machine to make sure I really had updated browser, updated plugin, enabled IMAP, etc), but I did finally get this issues escalated from tech 1 to tech 2. It was super frustrating to me to have to spend so much time just trying to convince them of an issue, but I’m glad that in the end I did.

Since then it’s gone better as they work remotely and just check in over email. It’s been about 10 days since then - we now have 5 of 6 folks back on Synch. 6th person is still working with them to get it resolved.

All this to say, I think anytime there is an IS Synch issue we all need to rally together to convince them! Because it seems to take an awful lot to get them to believe something is wrong, but once they do it goes a little better.

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Here is a good example of how the tool’s bugs and poor performance affect Infusionsoft’s image:

It would be great if Infusionsoft could provide ICPs with candid transparency on what’s happening here and what the timeline for progress is.

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