Is Gmail Sync Sidebar Dead?

Is anybody else having a problem with their Gmail Sync? I use this to quickly add contacts and tags and it’s crashed. I’ve tried to remove and re-install but to no avail. It started acting up yesterday saying it couldn’t connect…



Just had a call from Infusionsoft to clarify what’s going on. The sidebar has officially been put to bed with the new Gmail Sync that’s available directly in the app. That’s plus long term but short term for me it’s removed my ability to quickly add contacts and tags from within Gmail. She did say that feedback is showing many people were doing that and they are looking at the possibility of developing something in the future. No worries…I’ll just change my workflows a bit.

Hi Dave, I did the same thing. Did they say if there is another extension we can use to add notes/add contacts with in a browser - other than with in InfusionSoft? I’m going to need a third monitor!

For now, it will be considered a known issue and will get fixed. My guess is that it will get sunset eventually, but here is no official word on it.

On the phone call it sounded like it was a dead issue as they now have the in app sync for email. I mentioned how I used it and she said many people were doing the same and ‘perhaps’ they would build something else and it’s been noted. :confused:

If there were a secure way to bring the side bar functionality back it would be a GREAT thing.

I’d suggest just using Zapier for most anything between Infusionsoft and Gmail. We’ve been using it to do backflips and somersaults between the two for years, and we rarely get stumped, and when you get the hang of it, you’ll probably start getting other ideas that help in your workflow.