Macbook Gmails NOT Saving

Macbook Gmails NOT Saving.

Anyone having this problem? I’d like to keep track of all email I send to clients from my gmail. We’ve installed this little side bar and we have spoken to “people” that say it’s an issue.

I know I’ve heard that there are some things to work out with it. I’m sure you have probably already been here but just in case, some of the docs:

There are currently two sidebars. One is called Infusionsoft Sync for Gmail. This is our older sidebar, that has syncing capabilities. (There are ofcourse some configuration settings to set up to start the syncing.)

There is also the new Infusionsoft Sidebar for Email. This is our newer sidebar that currently does not have syncing capabilities. Our developer has built this new sidebar from the ground up, and we plan to add syncing capabilities to the new Infusionsoft Sidebar for Email. If you are using this sidebar, this is why you would not see emails syncing, currently. We are awaiting development and testing to be complete on this functionality, for the new Infusionsoft Sidebar for Email.