More Gmail Sync problems

Ok, I just read the thread about the new GMail and the how the sidebar is affected. But I’ve always had a problem with the GMail sync not properly transferring some data into infusionsoft.

Namely, many of my emails come out gibberish–as though they are encrypted. And the attachments show a URL, but it cannot be opened. And the attachments are not installed in the file folder for the appropriate contact.

I’ve resorted to using another program to store the emails and attachments. That program has no problem with either issue. I’ve asked customer service about it and they simply referred it to programming. That was six months ago.


As to the attachments, I’ve written integrations for Office365 (Outlook) to Infusionsoft emails and can say that the filebox is not a viable consistent option because IS limits files to 10Mb or less. So it may be that the gmail plugin doesn’t do things in the way you might be anticipating.

Overall, the plugin has had nothing but issues from posts I’ve seen. I don’t know the details of why but it’s really been that way for some time and seems to be a variety of issues, not just one.

I’ll have to see if I can find the post but I know someone recommended a different product once and I’d only seen positive replies about that one. So there is an option out there that sounds promising, I just can’t remember off the top of my head what it was called.