Is there a fix for the new Gmail UI affecting display of Infusionsoft Sync for Gmail sidebar?

Hi everyone. Is there a fix for the new Gmail UI affecting display of Infusionsoft Sync for Gmail sidebar?

See this screenshot: New Gmail UI affects display of Gmail Sync for Infusionsoft sidebar.png - Google Drive

(And in case you’re wondering why we’re not using the most recent version of the Infusionsoft Gmail sidebar, it’s because the recent version does not sync emails from Gmail across to contact records in Infusionsoft.)

If anyone knows of a workaround for this issue — or knows if the Gmail addon will get updated to work with new Gmail — I’d greatly appreciate any tips!

MC Carter

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Following. The whole gmail/sync set up with Infusionsoft needs some serious love.

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I used the Stylebot plugin for Chrome and added the following to

#icsb-sidebar-wrapper-gmail {
    min-width: 250px;


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I’m having same issue and it’s going to get worse as Google is going to start forcing people into the new interface. Think that Infusionsoft should sort this, not some third party coding…but well done to you and thanks for the info @martinc!

THANKS! Great :slight_smile:

We also have this problem - when is Infusionsoft going to fix it?

Sorry about this. It’s a known bug that will get fixed. I’ll let you all know when I get an ETA. If you are a bit on the techie-side, I offer a workaround above. Or, you can just switch to the classic Gmail - obviously not ideal, but either workaround will get you by for the time being.


Thanks Martin - I look forward to a proper fix!

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The style works and displays the column properly. However, it’s still not syncing with the incoming email address. No matter what email is selected, Sync does not show the contact record.


Can’t believe it, its been May till now. Was just starting to love Infusionsoft when I set up my opportunities and workflow to automate part of my sales follow up process, and happens that Google breaks you up. Can we get some serious love from you here?

Loving your existing clients is more important than rolling out new features isn’t it? I am complaining, because I really am. Please do something real soon! @martinc

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Thank you . It worked for me. I tried set up gmail account for my calendar.
It gives this error message now :

Sign in with Google temporarily disabled for this app
This app has not been verified yet by Google in order to use Google Sign In.

@martinc, thanks for the tip but is there any chance I could get a little more detail? -I’m not as techie as I’d like to be but I’m desperate to make this work. The issue is once I’ve clicked the CSS I’m not 100% clear on where I’m entering that text -if you could clarify I’d appreciate it.
Thanks in advance.

Infusionsoft sync for Gmail is currently in development. It will require approximately 2 months of dev work. It is being completely re-engineered from the ground-up. I would expect a release date of mid-march…but that’s a guess.

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Hi Rian,

Using Chrome, install the Style Bot extension through this link… Stylebot - Chrome Web Store

You will then have a toolbar button in Chrome titled “CSS”. Click on that and select the Options menu option.

From the left hand side, select Styles.

Press the Add a new style button.

In the URL text box, type

In the section below that paste in the text below…
#icsb-sidebar-wrapper-gmail {
_ min-width: 300px;_

Then press the Add button.

Close the Stylebot Options window.

Reload your Gmail and the infusionsoft sidebar should appear with the correct amount of width.


Thanks so much for that Craig. All sorted for now -and much appreciated.

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Still no update or fix?

Infusionoft (sorry “Keap”) are implementing a new GMail synch tool that we have had on pre-release that no longer needs the GMail extension for Chrome. I’m not sure when they are planning the full release though.

Do you know if the new tool has come out already? I still have to fix this. Thanks a lot.

Any update on this??? It’s almost May…

I have Gmail sync up and running in my app and it works great. It will start rolling to customers starting 5/1 - 5/8. There is also an Outlook sync option.