Gsuite VS Infuionsoft Sync For Gmail


We are unable to enable “My email sync setting” under “Infusionsoft Sync for Gmail”

We tried adding a regular “gmail” email address and it works.

But, it does not work for our email that is on gsuite service.

Is this ONLY for gmail address? If so, how can we do email sync to track communications.

Please help. Thank you

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Was there a resolution on this? Having the same issues

also same issue, very frustrating

Any uptades or other solution ?
Thanks you,…

extremely sad that nothing has been done to rectify this. Its a waste of an incredibly useful tool!!!

Infusionsoft sync for Gmail is currently in development. It will require approximately 2 months of dev work. It is being completely re-engineered from the ground-up. I would expect a release date of mid-march…but that’s a guess.

Your input is encouraging. WIll there be an Infusionsoft Sync for Google Calendar too?