Outlook Syn with Mac or Office 365

Hi I am a new user and like many people work off a Mac. I use office 365 and outlook for Mac and to my absolute surprise Infusionsoft doesn’t support outlook for Mac or Office 365!!!

Now come on everyone supports office 365, don’t they???

Does anyone have any suggestions, ideas or work around so I can sync outlook with infusionsoft either for office 365 or outlook for macs?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions

Sorry about that @Shane_Stamford . Addins for Outlook for Mac and Office 365 are a fairly new thing that Microsoft only started supporting earlier this year.

Same problem here. Utterly unbelievable that there isn’t a mail option for Mac that isn’t subscription based.
I’m the only one in my company on a Mac and as it stands i’m the only person that can’t use infusionsoft because of it.