Plugin for MS 365 Outlook

We downloaded the IS Plugin for MS Outlook (Desktop) and so far, works great!

However, InfusionSoft says the plugin doesn’t support web-based applications yet they recommend a product for Mac users (ie: Infusionsoft Sync is not compatible with Microsoft Office for Mac or any web-based versions of Outlook. Mac users may want to useTealeaves, a similar add-on for Apple Mail).

Anyone have recommendations??

Do you have any problems with ti working with Windows 10 E version 1809 or later? Ours no longer works

Hi Matt!

I do have problems “here and there” - I just delete the Plugin and then sign back in and it works fine.

Not a solution obviously, but much easier than the alternative. (Contacting IS support etc…)

Thanks for the response…

That is what I used to do, but that is no longer the case after July 2018 insider updates. The plug in is broken and outlook aborts the plug in. You can un install it, clean the registry. Reinstall it etc. No love. The plug will not even load (and there are no overrides)

It is a bigger problem, that IFS engineering needs to fix. It is tied into the new security and compliance changes that were relased for GDPR in May and are in the new version of Outlook Pro plus (early release in July 2018) and Windows 10 1809 (I’m on the 2019 version - 1903 right now).

I suspect that everyone that uses outlook will run into this by the end of the year.

The ironic item in this is that if IFS designed agisn the new outlook API, they would be 95% complete for the OwA plug in for Office 365.

The agile software development has changed, and require a different mindset on product development.

Good morning Matt!

Can’t lie to you – You’re WAY above my technical skills.

If there is something I can provide you (versions etc…) where it makes sense for mine to work, therefore narrowing down your issues, I’d be more than happy to do so.

Just tell me where to look!


IFS has published a work around. It worked for 2 weeks, and now it no longer works with the latest updates. for 1903.